FAQ Answers

Why can’t I get RS gold in time?

There are various possibilities such as technical mistakes like network disconnection and incorrect or insufficient information in your order form. Therefore, it is very important that you leave us with a valid telephone number and email address for us to contact you. At the same time we will not give the information to the third party.

Why delivery suddenly stop talking to me in game?

We may be disconnected due to technical reasons half way through the transaction. No worries at all, we will contact you soon as we get online again. There is also an indicator on our website reflecting our on-line status and you will know if we are online or being disconnected.

How long does the delivery take?

It will take 10-30 minutes generally according to different purchase amount. It will take longer hours to deliver if you order a large amount and we may give you some discounts. If we still can not complete delivery in 36 hours, we will give you some discount for your waiting.

How do you deliver Runescape Gold?

Once your order is confirmed, we will arrange delivery immediately. Our delivery guy will log on your account and deliver the Runescape Gold as fast as we can. Please be sure you type the correct information on when filling your order and do not log in while we making delivery. Please come to Live Chat if you want to know your order status anytime. We’re around the block for you.

How do you power level my character?

For the majority of the games we offer, we log into your account and play the character up the levels until we reach your desired level. This is done fast and discreetly. We do not employ bots, hacks, cheats or use 3rd party mods during the leveling process. We do our best to make this a safe and fun experience for our customers!

Do you use bots or cheats?

No, the use of bots, cheats, hacks or mods is strictly forbidden to our levelers. Any leveler caught doing something like that is immediately fired. We do our best to level your character the safest way.

Can you reach my ordered level really fast?

Yes, we shall get each power leveling order started right after your payment is cleared and completed in the time frame you specify. Our professional levelers will be working around the clock to power level your character until they can achieve your particular target.

Why does the price of currency changes all the time?

Just like any business, virtual business is also subjected to forces of demand and supply in the market. We have to make price adjustments in order to stay competitive and most importantly, we always aim to make our pricing affordable and attractive to all our valued customers like you.

Why no one is answering me on Live Chat?

First, sorry for the wait. Our customer service might be very busy atm so they can’t reply to you timely. Or if they’re changing shifts, you might not get reply in time as well. After all, you are served by a human being behind a computer. However, you can contact us via email and we will revert back to you shortly.

Will you reveal my infomation to others?

No, we won’t. Client confidentiality is our top priority. Our company has imposed very strict rules with regards to disclosing or selling of any client information whatsoever. Offenders will be charged and prosecuted in court for breaching of trust.

How to pay with Mass Pay in PayPal?

Please follow these steps to use Mass Pay:

1. Login to your AlertPay account.
2. Click on “Send Money”.
3. Click on “Mass Pay”.
4. Select currency balance.
5. Enter list of transfers with each line in the following format: Email Address, Amount and Description. (You may come to our Live Chat and we will tell you the email address you should send money for)
6. At the end of each line, click “Enter” to indicate the end of the individual transfer.
7. Review details, enter your Transaction PIN and click “Send”.