A Window Into Our History: What Were Windows Like 40 Years Ago?

Little did we understand when we began in the 1970s, the window industry in the UK was about to experience some substantial changes. The brand-new technology that was introduced was able to improve our houses, making them much more energy efficient.

You may have fond memories of the 1980s. You might remember a few of the terrific things that happened during the years. Such as the benefit concert Live Aid in 1985, the United States drama series ‘Dallas’ was a hit for the entire years. The pop artist Madonna was releasing hit songs such as ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ and ‘Open your Heart’. In the early 1980s, you might not have had fond memories of warm, energy-efficient windows that insulated your house from the cold.

Before the 1980s, the windows that were considered the best in the industry were, in a word, atrocious. These were single-glazed aluminium frames that were dreadful at keeping the heat in, and the cold and wind out. They certainly couldn’t hold a candle to the windows we have available today.

The 1980s saw the intro of quite a few substantial advancements in the window industry. A few of the innovations that were presented around this time are still in production today, albeit with some small enhancements.

The intro of Double Glazing

Double glazed windows are still extensively used for around the UK and are typically identified as windows that are extremely effective. Because the intro of double glazing in the 1980s, there have actually been some small enhancements to the design. This includes changing from mostly using aluminium frames to PVCu, as these frames are more energy effective. The paint used on these windows has changed from lead-based to calcium-based. This implies the windows that we fit now, there will be no fading with age, and your windows will look incredible for many years to come. Whilst we still stock aluminium framed double glazed windows, PVCu is the most frequently used for new window fittings.

Security Measures

In the 1980s, there was extremely little in the form of integrated locking for windows. Most of the time you would have had to purchase an aftermarket lock to fit on your brand-new windows. Now, we would not dream of selling a window that didn’t have integrated locks as standard. At the moment, the kinds of security features we provide consist of concealed steel support and they are heavily checked. This indicates that our locking systems meet BS7950 standards (A requirement which makes sure security against tried forced entry). We also use optional hinge guards which makes sure both sides of the window are similarly secured from attack.

The most recent multi-point shoot bolt locks and locking manages are really strong and help keep you and your family safe, supplying constant peace of mind.

Our Windows today

The windows we have today are continually becoming increasingly more advanced, than their predecessors from 40 years back. We presently fit “double glazing” as basic, implying that all of our windows have excellent energy rankings. We offer our windows in many styles, consisting of basic sashes, SlimSash FlushSASH, Sliding Sash, Aluminium and even secondary double glazing if you ‘d like to keep your original single glazed windows intact. Your windows can likewise be embellished with stained glass, extra bars, dummy sashes and more.

The quantity of option you have in terms of colours and additionally have also massively enhanced since the 1980s. If you want your windows in a various colour we have plenty; black, cream, Chartwell green or perhaps wood effect to match the design of your house. We can match your windows to any colour, based on our RAL colour examples. The window manages can also be available in a series of colours from white and black to gold and graphite.

We’ve even moved on from double glazing to provide triple glazed PVCu windows which have up to A +9 energy rankings. The better the energy ratings, the better insulation you have on your home offering you with much more efficiency.

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